Our History

The Department of Management Engineering was established in 1977 with the initiative of the economists and jurists who were working in Economic Development and General Economics chairs at the ITU Faculty of Basic Sciences. The department has continued its activities under the roof of the Faculty of Management with the change in the higher education system in 1982, which was first founded as a faculty in 1910 with the initiatives of Prof. Dr. Reşat Nalbandoğlu, groomed by former Minister Mehmet Tevfik Hamdi Biren, who began to teach economics as an economics professor at İTÜ, which was then the High School of Engineering, and Zeyyat Hatipoğlu, who followed him.

Since then, the Department of Management Engineering continues to improve itself by diversifying the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs it offers to students and supporting research within the various research units it has established.

You can watch the video prepared by the Management Engineering Club (İMK) for the 41st foundation anniversary of our department: