Within the scope of University-Industry Cooperation, numerous activities serving different purposes are carried out with various enterprises. These activities are organizing technical trips and inviting guest speakers to the department as well as labour-intensive activities like conducting “Undergraduate Design Projects” and “Research Projects” together.

For the purposes of these activities, the scope of UIC activities consists of the following elements:

Technical Visits: These are studies that aim to organize technical visits to enterprises in order to contribute to students' observation and familiarization of industrial applications on site.

Undergraduate Design Projects and Master’s Theses: The aim of the Undergraduate Design Project is to contribute to the students' professional and ethical development by creating the opportunity to apply the experience they have gained during their education in a holistic project and with a teamwork awareness at all level of design within the framework of a management engineering problem. Whereas the aim of the master's thesis is to enable them to synthesize their engineering knowledge with their business knowledge. In this context, it is essential in these studies conducted under the supervision of a supervisor to develop effective and efficient solution proposals for a specific problem faced by enterprises.

Mutual Practice of Guest Speaker: These are events that will enable the transfer of practical experiences, help increase the number of joint projects and spread the culture of cooperation between the university and the industry.

Research Projects: These are activities that support the conduct of scientific and application oriented research projects (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), Ind-Thesis (San-Tez), revolving fund projects etc.).